The Enchantment of the Splendor of the Oldest Museum in Bali

Bali does not only present a million natural beauties. Bali is also thick with an order of life that is conditional on culture and customs. The Balinese are also good at preserving history, so that any tourist can learn about that history and culture to this day.

Apart from a myriad of enchanting natural paintings, Bali has another side that is a shame not to be missed. Several museums bear witness that Bali is so rich with well-maintained historical heritage.

One of the tourist destinations that you should not miss is the Bali Museum. This museum is a favorite destination visited by domestic and foreign tourists, because it has accessible access. Then, what are the attractions, here's an explanation.

The Attraction of the Bali Museum

This royal-designed exterior wall and gate building has four pavilions in the museum complex. Where this destination presents its own charm, including:

Outdoor Museum
The Bali Museum is outdoors using a typical old style architectural type. The architecture made of stone looks like a majestic temple. Not surprisingly, this location is often used as a pre-wedding photo shoot.

Bale Kulkul
Kulkul is a traditional Balinese communication tool in the form of a sounding instrument which is generally made of wood or bamboo as an ancestral heritage object. Bale kulkul at the Bali museum began to be built since 1910 which became one of the buildings to support the museum concept by applying the temple concept.

Stunning History Collection
This oldest museum in Bali has several prehistoric collections that are placed in glass cabinets that can be seen by visitors. There is also a collection of traditional Balinese clothing and fans, art equipment, religious equipment, written language, and living equipment for Balinese people in the past.

Four Exhibition Pavilions
This museum has four exhibition buildings where each building is divided to store museum collections in several categories. The pavilions are named the Tabanan pavilion, the Buleleng pavilion, the Karangasem pavilion and the East pavilion.

Heaven for Painting Enthusiasts
This museum also exhibits past works of art in the form of paintings. This painting has high artistic value which can be found on the top floor of the pavilion. The painting has maintained its authenticity to this day.

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